Full Service

Automation Supplier

We are a full service automation supplier. Our main business areas include industrial automation and renovation projects. We also provide product development, consultation services and sell equipment to meet the needs of several different industries.

Our services include everything from project pre-planning through implementation to installation. We map our customers’ requirements and wants. Based on this data, we draft a realistic timetable and a thorough plan for the system design (automated, electrical and software).

Automation Projects

Automation project deliveries include control panels, PLC, SCADA system and reporting system.Industry standard Ethernet network solutions (EtherCAT, Profinet, Ethernet/IP), multipolar I/O and Remote Control via cloud systems also play a large part in our modern projects.

We offer a TCP/IP based interface solution for the SECS/GEM (HSMS) HOST/TOOL technology used in the semiconductor industry.

Read more: SECS/GEM

Engineer In Factory Using Digital Tablet

We run tests and simulations with all of our deliverables before they are turned over to the customer. This significantly lowers the on-site deployment time and makes the whole process as easy as possible.

When it comes to redevelopment projects, we house a strong knowledge of legacy devices, systems and programs. A wide network of automation industry professionals guarantees that even the most challenging projects are fulfilled. Our experience runs all the way back to devices used in the 1970’s.

Cabinet Manufacturing

Control Panels and Power Distribution Centers are assembled within our own production. Years of experience range all the way from small control boxes to large industrial systems.

We are an independent company, which means that the hardware that you want is the hardware that we provide.

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